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Bookings list

The placeholder #_BOOKINGS gets replaced with a list of bookings for an event and the layout of that list is configured in the settings “Bookings list header”, “Bookings list” and “Bookings list footer”. These 3 settings and the shortcode [eme_bookings] can then use specific placeholders to show the info you want the way you want […]

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[eme_countdown] Returns the number of days until the next event or the event specified. Accepts the following optional argument: id: the ID of the event for which you want the countdown to happen. If not specified: count down until the first future event. Example: [eme_countdown id=25] Word of warning: this actually only shows the full-day

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[eme_locations] Inserts a list of locations. Accepts the following arguments: eventful: if set to true, only locations with events planned will be shown. Default: false. scope: see the explanation for [eme_events]. You need to set eventful to true for this to have any effect. Default: all. category: see the explanation for [eme_events]. If eventful=true as

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Location formatting

Locations format works in the same way as events, but the parameters are different. #_LOCATIONDBFIELD{xx} displays the database value of the location property called ‘xx’ (with ‘xx’ being ‘location_name’, ‘location_id’, etc … see eme_locations.php, function eme_new_location) This can replace a number of more specific placeholders below (and future placeholders can be avoided like this too)

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Event formatting

Hint: for time-based or location placeholders related to the event, scroll to the bottom of this page. The syntax of events format is quite simple. Basically, just write your html code in the usual way. Then you can add a number of placeholders corresponding to the data of the event. Some of them are: #_EVENTDBFIELD{xx}

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Filter form formatting

This defines the layout of the event list or calendar filtering form when using the shortcode [eme_filterform]. The following placeholders can be used: #_FILTER_CATS shows a dropdown selection of categories #_EVENTFUL_FILTER_CATS shows a dropdown selection of eventful categories #_FILTER_CATS{xx} or #_EVENTFUL_FILTER_CATS{xx} shows a dropdown selection of (eventul) categories with between braces the text you want

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RSVP mail and booking info

If you enable RSVP email notifications, the contact person and respondent will be notified of the booking. The templates can be customised using the standard placeholders for events, locations, payment gateways and people AND the extra placeholders mentioned below. The extra placeholders: #_BOOKINGDBFIELD{xx} displays the database value of the booking property called ‘xx’ (with ‘xx’

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