Inserts a list of locations. Accepts the following arguments:

  • eventful: if set to true, only locations with events planned will be shown. Default: false.
  • scope: see the explanation for [eme_events]. You need to set eventful to true for this to have any effect. Default: all.
  • category: see the explanation for [eme_events]. If eventful=true as well, then only locations with events matching the category criteria are shown.
  • template_id, template_id_header andtemplate_id_footer use predefined format templates for the location listing, header and/or footer. See http://www.e-dynamics.be/wordpress/?cat=51
  • ignore_filter: if set to 1, the shortcode will ignore the eme filter form if present on the page Defaults to 0. Using this you can use several shortcodes on 1 page and only some are optionally influenced by the eme_filterform shortcode.
  • limit: by default all locations are shown (if “eventful” is not set). This limits the number of locations shown.
  • random_order: if set to true, locations will be shown in a random order and not ordered by name. Default: false.

[eme_locations eventful=true scope=this_week]