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Custom attributes

Custom attributes can be used in events and location. When in the EME settings, use a placeholder like #_ATT{key}{alternative text} in one of the available settings (e.g. ‘single event format’). The second braces are optional and will appear if the attribute is not defined or left blank for that event. This key will appear as […]

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To be able to show maps (based on OpenStreetMap) in your events and/or locations, just set Enable Maps integration? to Yes. Now you just need to put the #_MAP placeholder in the *Default single event format* and your map will show in the page dedicated to the event. To resize the map, see the FAQ

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Events Made Easy has shortcodes for showing events, locations and a filtering form on any page in any custom format possible. Below you find a list of all possible shorcodes with their explanation. Shortcodes can be used on regular wordpress pages while – in order to change the layout to your liking – placeholders can

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[eme_events] As the eme_get_events_list template tag does, this shows a list of events in the page where you put this shortcode. It accepts the following parameters: limit indicates the maximum number of events to display. Default is 10 (set in the EME option “Number of events to show in lists”). If you give the value

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[eme_locations_map] Inserts a map of multiple locations. Accepts the following arguments: width: the width in either pixels or percentage (e.g. 100%) of the map. Default: 450. height: the height in pixels or percentage (e.g. 100%) of the map. Default: 300. eventful: if set to true, only locations with events planned will be shown. Default: false.

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