Compatibility with other plugins

Normally, EME is totally compatible with other plugins, but some might need some tweaking. Here are some tips:

You need to exclude the EME javascripts from WP-Minify, otherwise you will not get the locations map. The scripts that need to be excluded are

You need to exclude the following JS: thickbox, jquery.js, events-made-easy/js/eme_location_map.js, events-made-easy/js/eme.js, events-made-easy/js/client-clock.js, latitude_, longitude_, map_text_

and excluded CSS: events_manager.css, thickbox.css

Email Encoder Bundle
This plugin changes all jquery output needed for EME to show it’s location maps, so don’t use it until the author fixes that behaviour.

The description of the root cause can be found here:
and a setting in cforms that resolves this:
in cformsII => Global Settings => WP Editor button support
activate the option “Fix TinyMCE error”, or disable the cforms button

Make sure to uncheck “Minify/combine JS” and “Defer JS” for the special Events Page to get the payment-button loaded after booking.

Countdown Wpdevart
This plugin uses a datepicker with the same name as the one EME is using, but with different functionality. This results in EME having issues with the datetimepicker and so currently I recommend to not using this plugin.