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    Here’s a small rundown of EME:

    – when reading the usage page at , it states you need to use shortcodes on regular pages to get anything done from EME. And it says to look further down in the doc for the possible shortcodes.

    – So, going to , you get a list of possible shortcodes for events lists, locations, or anything else mentioned there.

    – For changing the layout you have all kinds of “format” settings in the EME settings: you have format settings for event lists, location lists, single event, booking list, ical feed, google maps balloons, emails, etc … Inside these format settings, you must use the relevant placeholders to do the formatting. See the doc for placeholders:

    For single events, these can be overridden in the single event creation/edit window.

    For event and location lists, the new template feature can also be used, again read the doc:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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