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    While the plugin and forum support are free (and will remain so), I do appreciate if you follow some guidelines when posting on this forum

    • Don’t hijack old threads (especially if they are already in the ‘resolved’ forum), even if your problem seems related. Just open a new thread and optionally point to the older one.
    • Don’t just post your settings and say “it doesn’t work” but describe what you already checked too (send a testmail in verbose mode, check webserver logfiles, check browser console for javascript errors, …)
    • Install WP Safe Mode and see if the problem is solved with Safe Mode enabled and only Events Made Easy active while using a default WP theme.
    • Read the changelog, something might have changed functionality-wise.
    • Make sure to use a mysql version greater than 5.5, that version is end-of-life and no longer supported and EME uses functionality not provided by it.
    • Clear your browser cache, sometimes it does that due to an update …
    • Can you demonstrate it publicly? Then mention an URL where I can see it.
    • Don’t promise to make a donation only after your problem is solved or feature request is implemented. I already got many of these promises, but no donation afterwards. If you want to donate: please do. All your donations are shared back with the world in the form of me donating for animal rights or helping the environment.

    Also, before posting, make sure you read the “how to get started” post: .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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