How to create a Facebook App ID

In this tutorial I’m going to walk you through how to create a Facebook App ID to be used with Events Made Easy Sync Facebook Events

A Facebook App ID is required to use the Events Made Easy Sync Facebook Events add-on…

I. Register as a Developer

You need to have your personal Facebook profile registered as a developer before you can create an App and App ID. If you already have a Facebook account and are registered as a developer you can skip these steps and go to the “Create an App” steps.

1. First navigate to and login with your personal Facebook account if you have one. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one. Note that if you are simply using Facebook to manage pages, these instructions will not work – you need a personal Facebook account before you can proceed to step 2.
2. Next go to and click on the green Register as a Developer button in the upper right. You will likely have to verify your Facebook account via phone, so please also do that if you haven’t already.
3. Once you’ve verified your account, clicking the Register as a Developer button will display a popup similar to this:

4. Check the Accept Terms box and click Continue.
5. Either skip or complete all the information on the next screen as best you can, the answers are not too important.
6. Click Done on the next screen. You are now a Facebook Developer!

II. Create an App

1. Browse back to
2. In the upper right corner click on the green Add a New App button:

Screenshot - 10182014 - 12:36:05 AM
3. In the popup that appears, give your App a name (I’m using “E-Dynamics”) and click continue (leave the other options empty).
4. Next, complete the Captcha verification and click Continue.
5. You app has been created

III. App domain

For your facebook app to actually work on your site, the “app domains” should list the domain of your server. For example, for the site I have the app domain set to “”

IV. Plug In Your App ID & Secret

Now that you’ve created your App (feel free to create more), enter your App ID and Secret in the Events Made Easy Sync Facebook Events settings tab in WordPress:

Screenshot - 10182014 - 12:39:39 AM

Screenshot - 10182014 - 12:40:35 AM

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