Will show all bookings for the logged in user, based on the layout given by the templates or by the generic booking list format. Accepts the following arguments:

  • id the optional event id you want to show bookings for, so you can now show only the bookings for the logged in user if you use this in the single event format as [eme_mybookings id=#_EVENTID]
  • template_id, template_id_header, template_id_footer (optional): use a predefined format template for the bookings list header, footer or list entry, instead of the default settings configured for bookings list header, entry and footer. See format templates . Because the bookings returned are a list, you can define specific templates for the header, footer and an entry in that list.
  • scope: wether or not you want to show bookings for future events only or not. Possible values are “future”, “past” or “all”. Default: “future” (meaning: bookings for future events only). If id is also given as an option, scope is ignored.
  • rsvp_status can be used to show only bookings with a certain approval status (approved, pending, all). Values: 0=all, 1=approved, 2=pending 3=awaiting user confirmation. Default: 0
  • paid_status: only show bookings with a specific payment status (paid, unpaid, all). Values: 0=all, 1=unpaid, 2=paid. Default: 0

[eme_mybookings template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9 future=0]
[eme_mybookings template_id=3 future=1]

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