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    Michael Wybo

    Hey Franky

    I will try to be clear and understandable 🙂

    Here is the RSVP Form:

    <table class=’eme-rsvp-form’>
    <td>Nom de famille*:</td>
    <td>Nom du chien*:</td>
    <td colspan=”4″> #_SUBMIT</td>

    Here is the RSVP Mail Model


    Vous avez bien réservé #_RESPSEATS place(s) pour #_EVENTNAME,
    Le #_STARTDATE{d/m/Y H:i} avec #_FIELD{4}

    Si vous avez un empĂȘchement merci d’annuler via ce lien Cliquez ici
    Ou dans la rubrique “Mes rĂ©servations” sous le bouton “Compte” lorsque vous ĂȘtes connectĂ© au site.

    Ajoutez Ă  votre calendrier: #_ICALLINK – Ajoutez Ă  Google Calendar


    The problem is on the #_FIELD{4} (Dog name)

    When the user change the #_FIELD{4} when booking (which is autorized), booking is correct but the mail sent to the user AND to the admin contains the old value of #_FIELD{4}

    For Exemple Booking Data :

    Nom de famille*: Dressage Club Picardie
    Prénom*: Secrétariat
    Téléphone:* +32XXXXXX
    Places*: 1
    Nom du chien*: Sasha – Brutus

    Mail Data

    Cher Secrétariat Dressage Club Picardie,

    Vous avez bien réservé 1 place(s) pour CHIOTS,
    Le 07/09/2022 17:30 avec TEST

    Si vous avez un empĂȘchement merci d’annuler via ce lien Cliquez ici Ou dans la rubrique “Mes rĂ©servations” sous le bouton “Compte” lorsque vous ĂȘtes connectĂ© au site.

    “TEST” is the old value of #_FIELD{4}, it should be “Sasha – Brutus”

    Best regards


    Hum …. weird … where is the “TEST” value coming from? I use custo fields for a dog club too btw (and also in Belgium 😉 ), never encountered this.


    Btw: I tried to reproduce that here, and it all works as expected. Since the form data is submitted via ajax call, it would be weird that the original data is used.
    Can you reproduce that reliably? Is it a browser problem? Any caching plugin on the site?

    Michael Wybo

    You’re welcome whenever you want we are in Brussels / Evere

    “TEST” was the old value of the #_FIELD{4}, so after the booking the value is changed to “Sasha – Brutus”, but not in the mail, may be is the mail sent before the DB changes.

    If i try now the book at a new event, the prefilled value of #_FIELD{4} is well “Sasha – Brutus”

    Michael Wybo

    I tried a new booking.

    Changed the prefilled value (Sasha – Brutus) to “Sasha – Brutus TESTMAIL”

    The booking value is correct but the mail i received is the old value
    I don’t use mail queue

    I use WP_ROCKET but i excluded the /events/(*)

    Michael Wybo

    Just tried with WP_ROCKET disabled and mail queue of 5 min, same problem


    Can you create a test event and send that url to me? You can set the event status to “hidden” so it won’t show in your public event lists.
    And also: a temporary admin account might be useful too, that speeds up possible debugging.


    I’m a little bit unclear also about the “prefilled value”. How do you do change the data of that field? Because I’m thinking you’re doing things in the backend, not via a frontend rsvp form, is that possible?

    Michael Wybo

    Data is changed from the RSVP form front-end.

    I can create you the admin account and the hidden event later I’m at the club for the moment.


    No example, no further feedback and I can’t reproduce it: so moving this to “generic”.

    Michael Wybo

    Sorry Franky, very busy day 🙁

    I’m creating the access now


    Ok, found the problem: due to caching of people answers (and the custom field being a person field), the cached answer was used for mail.
    This fixes it (I added some extra cache deletes and small other things, but the only file needing updating in your case is eme_rsvp.php):

    But, while on topic: you should use a field of purpose “rsvp” for booking info, since people can be present with different dogs. Now always the info gets overwritten and per booking it would be more relevant to that booking. But of course doing a person-field allows to retain the old value the next time someone logs in and books (if login is required), so it all depends on what you want 🙂

    Michael Wybo

    Wonderful Franky !

    I tried with a RSVP field at first but as you mentioned the user had to put again the dog’s name.

    As 99% of the members will come with the same dog, i prefered to put it at person level. So it is prefilled each time, most of the person are quiet old or not comfortable with internet so i tried to make it “Boma proof”. In my case EME is only use as a Doodle like plugin. Only to prevent too much person at the same lesson. Our club grow from 100 members to 200+ during the covid period as other club closed in Brussel.

    Thanks again

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