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    Hi all,

    not sure if the topic title really explains my question but I’ll try to explain a bit more 🙂

    We would like to have a list of bookings on each event page BUT the listing of a booking should be optional, i.e. by adding a ‘please show my first name on the list’ checkbox during sign-up.

    I know I can get a list using eme_bookings but that will always show all names…

    I was thinking I could get this done with custom fields, but so far didn’t have any success.
    Is there any way this can be done out of the box?

    Thanks and cheers,


    Well, indeed use a custom field (checkbox I’d say) and check that value by using the [eme_bookings] shortcode (inside the template defined by the “template_id” option) by using the conditional shortcode [eme_if].


    I was afraid you’d mention templates, until now I’ve always tried to keep away from them as they don’t feel intuitive to me, but that’s my own issue I guess – and now that I’ve wasted hours playing with templates, I think I finally got it and it was way easier than I thought… 😉

    Anyway, for future reference, in case someone also wants to build something similar, what I’ve now done (field names and IDs should be adjusted obviously):

    – added a non-mandatory custom field to the registration form called NAMELIST as a checkbox with value YES, default empty

    – created template #1 with [eme_if tag="#_FIELD{1}" value="YES"]<|li>#_ATTENDFIRSTNAME<|/li>[/eme_if] (remove | from tags)

    – added the template to the event page with [eme_bookings id=#_EVENTID template_id=1]

    Now, whenever someone visits the registration page, there is a list of already registered users that have NAMELIST set to YES.

    Not sure if that’s the solution you have proposed but it works ;D


    That is exactly what I meant 🙂
    Btw: you can also use #_FIELD{NAMELIST} (if your custom field is called “NAMELIST”)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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