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    Hallo Franky,

    I use RSVP with many custom fields.

    Now I’ve created a page on which I use the shortcode [eme_bookings].

    By appropriate template registrations will be displayed in a table.

    This all works!

    Now I am looking for a filter form where I can by categories and events where RSVP is actively selected.

    Return value should be the event id.


    For the moment this is not possible, I need to review the whole filter form thing to be more flexible.

    For now, use the function eme_get_events in your template:

    eme_get_events($o_limit, $scope = “future”, $order = “ASC”, $o_offset = 0, $location_id = “”, $category = “”, $author = “”, $contact_person = “”, $show_ongoing=1, $notcategory = “”, $extra_conditions = “”)

    In the extra_conditions you can set “event_rsvp=1”.

    Then, based on those results, create a string containing the shortcode “[eme_bookings ...]” and call the wp function do_shortcode() on it.


    Thank you.

    At the moment I have no time to test this, I will test next week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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