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    There is a vulnerability in EME: an sql was not properly escaped so an authenticated user could use a special crafted url/tool to see info he was not supposed to see even if not authorized to do so …). See also:
    It has already been fixed days ago (see the date of this post), but wordpress requires me to refactor the whole code since they have new coding standards. I tried for 5 full days to comply but some of their (new) requirements are very hard to meet (“late escaping” for example, where you need to call an escape function inside the echo-call, not before it … ). Due to this fact, the plugin is currently closed on wordpress. This is a very weird wordpress decision: not allowing a security release because of new coding standards …

    So, if you want to install and receive updates again, go to and follow the (in the readme mentioned) install instructions:

    For existing wordpress users that have version 2.3.18 or older:

    – Take a database backup to be sure
    – Download the zip “” from the latest release on github ( )
    – Go in the WordPress ‘Plugins’ menu, and click on “Add new”
    – Select the zip you downloaded, this will upload the zip and replace the existing installation without losing data
    If the file is too big for uploading, try again with “” (which is a minimum version of the previous release, after which a regular update will present itself).
    If still too big, or you need to use FTP/SSH: use your favorite upload tool to upload the contents of the zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/events-made-easy directory (remove the old files first)
    – After that, updating the plugin will be as usual in the backend

    I advise to do this in test first, although it should work just fine (but I did change a huge number of lines of code so a bug is not impossible).

    If you feel uncomfortable doing this and want to switch to another plugin, I can totally understand.


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