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    We ran into a strange thing when test-scanning QR code.

    When I scan a code on my Android phone for an event next week, I get two messages: green icon with (in Dutch) ‘Betaling in orde’ (payment ok) and a red icon ‘Toegang nog niet toegelaten’ (entrance not yet allowed).

    But when someone else scanned the exact same QR on her iPhone, she gets the green icon and message, but below a message ‘Geen voorstellingen gevonden in deze categorie’ (no events found in this category).

    Phones are logged in with different accounts, both with ‘editor’ capabilities, yet they receive different messages. That seems strange to me, and may cause problems when scanning tickets on the actual date, if no events can be found.

    Any idea what the problem might be and how to resolve this? I can’t imagine this has to do with Android/iPhone differences?

    Thanks again,


    EME doesn’t itself add a message like “no events found in this category”. Meaning: you should check the settings concerning which message is shown for people logged in with enough rights and for those without enough rights.
    Just being “editor” doesn’t mean they have the needed rights.
    EME checks these capabilities in order to show the info for correctly logged in users with enough rights: “Attendance check” or “Approve all bookings” or “Edit all bookings”. All 3 are in the EME options menu, tab “Access”, subsection “Bookings”


    Thank you so much for this insight. But I’m still a bit at a loss as to what settings to use, I’m afraid.

    After your message I figured out the distinction has to do with the event author. When I change the author to myself I too get only the green checkmark for payment ok, but the red cross for ‘not yet allowed’ is gone.
    But when the author is someone else, I also get the red ‘not yet allowed’ message.
    So what appears strange to me is that the event author gets less feedback than other editors.

    Then I set the permissions you mentioned all to ‘Edit posts’, but that made no difference. When I set ‘Edit others posts’ (which should apply to all editors), no-one gets a complete feedback.
    What permissions should I set to let all editors scan QR codes in the same way?


    In your event of choice, what are the RSVP settings for “Extra attendance info for not authorized users” and “Extra attendance info for authorized users” (or the generic settings if those per event are left empty)?
    Feel free to send me test-event qr codes (and/or access). Also, make sure no caching is happening …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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