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    I would like to suggest a simpler entering of multi-price events, since the current entering of 1.00 || 2.00 || an elaborate further processing also in the templates entails.

    The input fields in the admin area:
    eme_prop_price_desc, event_seats and price could be displayed in a row. With a dynamic (+) would appear the second row to enter a second price category and so on …

    This type of entering would be much simpler and more structured than the current solution.

    For the output in the frontend or in the template:
    Here a loop would be good to automatically write all the recorded prices.

    Then you would not have to create as before two templates for the frontend-output and emails to the admin and the booking person. Everything could then be realized with only one template (instead of two).

    Sorry, but that sounds like a little more coding …


    Hi Franky,
    what du you think about that idea?
    In the last days I looked for a possibility in the documentation to loop the output of the seats{1}, {2}, and so on but found no solution for that.
    Greets Thorsten


    The thing is: how to combine this with existing events, with events that have no seat limit (0) but still multiprice etc …
    Maintaining backwards compatibility is a big thing, and I just cancelled own development of a new feature to maintain it.
    And developing this would take quite some time, while looping will result in another template to define the loop content (not everybody is using a price description, and not everybody wants the layout I would propose). So this would be a huge rewrite for very little gain …

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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