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    Just getting to grips with EME events and testing things so I know what users will see. Something I wasn’t expecting is

    Form tampering detected. If you believe you’ve received this message in error please contact the site owner.

    I can’t find the documentation which explains what this means. I may be looking in the wrong place: could someone point me to it, please?

    If it doesn’t exist, could a list of error messages and their cause/resolution be added, please?

    In the meantime, to save me trawling through the code, what does this error mean?

    Note: in order to get a Captcha to appear, I’ve added the Google JS into the “Header” part of the EME settings (which worked: I get the Captcha). It’s possible that EME is objecting to that. However the #_CAPTCHA tag didn’t produce anything. The next thing to do will be to remove the added code. But the query about documentation remains.


    Is the captcha option enabled in the EME settings?
    The error message you post means that the frontend nonce isn’t matching the expected value. Most of the times this is because people are logged in (or not), load the rsvp page and then log out while that rsvp page stays open (or in cache). So make sure that doesn’t happen and yoou should be good to go. Btw: the reason this “fails” is how wordpress handles nonces (they take the login uid into account).


    Yes, the captcha option is enabled. A messaging plugin uses the Google captcha and that might be upsetting things. I have a “mobile” theme too which is used in mobile devices (via browser sniffing) and neither works in that theme.

    Your diagnosis about the error appears to be right, although I don’t remember altering the login status. I may well have done. Ensuring that the page was refreshed/new while logged in and trying again allowed everything to work.

    I might try and find the error message in the options (or even the code) though, to make it less scary and explain what’s gone wrong and how to fix it. The “Booking confirmed” message is direct but not unfriendly.

    Thank you for the fast assistance. I may be back to ask about the captcha, but that really should be in a different thread.


    If the captcha doesn’t show, it is because some php modules are not installed then (or some theme thing that hides the resulting image, but that’s less likely). For the captcha to show: is the captcha option checked for the rsvp settings in your event definition too?
    The google captcha might interfere, I didn’t test that.
    Btw: the “booking confirmed” message can be totally adapted in the settings.


    Thanks for this! I’ve fixed the captcha issue: it was indeed a mismatch between the checkbox and the field.

    (A possible enhancement might be to do whatever the checkbox does if #_CAPTCHA appears in the template, so the checkbox isn’t needed?)

    I’ve found the front-end localisations, so it may be possible to provide a “translation” of more user-friendly front-end messages, in order that they survive updates.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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