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    I am creating a new events site for a group and your EME is excellent! Thanks for creating a great plugin.
    I am also using BuddyPress to add some social aspects and would like to have BP and EME work together.
    In particular, in BP I have several groups that members can join. Each BP group has it’s own set of events and there are some shared events. To separate out the group events I can create EME categories and assign each event to one or more categories – this works great.

    I want to be able to restrict the events that are shown to a user based on the groups they belong to in BP. I can do this in separate WP pages but I’d like to also have the events list widget in a sidebar display only coming events for specific categories based on the logged in users groups.
    Any way to do this?

    Also, any way to get the BP group ID’s a user belongs to (so I can tie the group ID to a category ID)? I know, this is a NOT BP forum – so I’ll ask in the BP support area but I thought that might be something someone has done before with EME.



    Check out the filters:
    Maybe they can help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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