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    Dear Francky,
    Dear all,

    I am trying to create a review of all past and future events. Despite all my test I am unable to show past events using “eme_events” shortcode.
    I tried using the “scope” parameter (set to “past”, “all”, “-3m–2m”, “this_year–today”) with no success. My limit is set to 0.

    I have past and future events in my Events creation list :

    I have my shortcode set to show all events :
    [eme_events scope=all limit=0]

    I do not find my events in the events list :

    I tried adding a calendar with “[eme_calendar]“, but it also only shows future events.

    I searched through the EME Parameters for one indicating I am filtering out past events, or disabling them, or something similar. I did not find anything.
    My past events are public, and the event page is still accessible

    I am missing something. But what ?

    Thank you in advance,


    Based on your screenshots and info: do you have the option “Hide RSVP ended events?” set? Because that seems to be the only possibility here.


    Beste Franky,

    Thank you for your time and answer.
    The option was indeed enabled. I disabled it (and noticed the warning you have written underneath the option, I am embarrassed to have missed it) and saved the settings.

    This does indeed solve my issue. Thank you so much for you assistance (and for the great extension !).



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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