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    We use the groups feature extensively (thanks for that).
    I was wondering if it would be possible to nest groups? This would make the sending of mails etc easier (send to main group). Nesting on 2 levels is suffient for us.




    I support this request.

    After a while of just keeping the plugin running and reading the update notes I am curious about the new possibilities I will discover now updating a project’s website and its functionality.

    As I try to set up memberships now I come to the need of automatically adding the members to several groups, not even one. Another way of dealing with it would be this nesting. So far I would realize my case by a group structure like this:
    Group A
    – Group A1
    — Group A1a
    — Group A1b
    – Group A2
    — Group A2a
    — Group A2b
    Group B
    Group C

    And a user who applies for membership A1a should be added to the group A1a but optional also to all the groups above: A1 and A. Same would be nice for event registration.

    Is there a chance of accomplishing that already?


    I’m looking into this. Any code supplied or donation to get this done more quickly is more than welcome 🙂
    In fact it is not really the group nesting that’s a problem, but more the visualization of the nesting (and this needs to be done when selecting groups too).


    Great great. I’m not able to supply needed code but I’ve transferred a few thalers, knowing that they’re not enough to adequately appreciate your work. Especially after reviewing the latest update notes. Fantastic!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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