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    1) Remove ‘Required’ wording
    I’m using a red asterisk beside the labels and the ‘Required’ words blend in with the background color to make the forms neater. But if I turn on dark-mode, the words will appear again.
    Is there a way to remove the ‘required’ words from the forms?

    2) Placeholder text in the entry boxes
    As stated above, I have labels and these are placed above/beside the entry boxes.
    Is there a way to put the labels as Placeholder text in the entry boxes to make it more modern looking?


    1) the required string is a setting, you can empty it. The next version will also not show the div surrounding it either (but most people don’t style that div).
    So either empty the string and/or style the div to be invisible, and you should be good to go.

    2) the next version will show placeholders for last name, first name and email. Zip/street/… might get implemented too 🙂 Custom field placeholders are not yet implemented, but might. Feel free to give me an incentive to do so 🙂

    Edit: for custom fields, you can already use the field attibutes field to add a placeholder value to text input fields, so that’s already covered in fact. In other words: only the address info is left to do.


    Thanks for the info!

    I tried donating but Paypal Donation is not accepted in my country, if you remember our email conversation. I have a account as an alternative so if you do set up an account with, let me know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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