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    Sorry I cannot show the problem because I’m stil working offline for But since the update to 2.2.0 long events of f.i. 3 days are shown on the start day, shown on the second day, but are not shown on the third day if the end time is less than the start time (f.i. an event starting at june 6 at 14:00 end ending at june 8 at 10:00.). But if the end time is equal or larger than the start time the event is correctly shown on the third day.

    The shortcode I use is [eme_calendar full=1 long_events=1 template_id=3 htmldiv=1]

    Template 3 is:

  • [eme_if tag="#ESC_STARTDATE" value="#ESC_ENDDATE"]#_STARTTIME – #_ENDTIME[/eme_if][eme_if2 tag="#ESC_STARTDATE" notvalue="#ESC_ENDDATE"]#_STARTDATE{d M H:i} – #_ENDDATE{d M H:i}[/eme_if2]
  • The problem is also visible in the small calendar.

    I guess that the problem arises in eme_calendar.php around line 276. But on this moment I cannot find / do not see a solution. May be I’m wrong and the problem has another reason which I do not see.

    What’s your opinion on this?

    By the way: it’s a very nice plugin. It has to many options for us, but we might use this booking system in the summer just to give demonstrations in the radio telescope for very small goups of people (in this nearly post corona period).


Thanks for the bug report. The error was indeed in eme_calendar.php, this should fix it (one line added):


It works like a charm. Thank you. I know from experience that start and end points are allways tricky in software.
With your correction I can extend the use of the booking program also for the registration of our radio-(astronomy)-amateur-volunteers who want to participate during experiments from the evening till the early morning.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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