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    Is it possible to have various values for eme_if?

    In the past I used “le=” and “gt=” which worked great.

    Now I want to have a certain field only shown in specific event categories:

    [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' value=X]

    is there a way to put in various values e. g. 3,6 and 9? I tried value=3,6,9 as well as value=’3′,’6′,’9′ which didn’t work.

    Thanks in advance,



    In your case, use “incsv” and repeat for each wanted value:

    [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' incsv="3"]
    do stuff
    [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' incsv="6"]
    do stuff
    [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' incsv="9"]
    do stuff
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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