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    Hey there,

    using an eme_if in a mail subject doesn’t seem to work anymore. Didn’t change anything since 2020.

    E.g. [eme_if tag='#_ON_WAITINGLIST' value='1']Auf Warteliste![/eme_if]

    In the mail(text) itself it worked very well (same code). Already tryed to use the “ESC” infront of the tag referred to dcocumentation in

    Look at the screenshot. Upper side shows the original (test)mail subject with the eme_if code not working respectively not encoding (you see the plain code in the sent mail subject).
    Lower side shows mail settings in mail templates on wordpress.

    Have anyone any suggestions oder ideas to solve?
    I would be very happy and would be very grateful for any help.
    Maybe only a little issue.

    Thanks a lot.


    eme_if tag


    I tried it with your example for pending bookings and the waiting list: works just fine, the eme_if shortcode gets replaced as expected …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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