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    Hi Franky,

    I’m a little confused (again) about the order parameter for the [eme_events] shortcode. Re-reading the documentation, this statement should sort all events by Event Name, right?
    [eme_events notcategory=3 order=‘event_name ASC']

    But what I get is this
    “Exploring the science behind the Alexander Technique” (category_id=7, start_date 26/08/22)
    “Alexander Technique Principles” (category_id=1, start_date 26/08/22)
    “Touching Everywhere from Anywhere: …” (category_id=1, start_date 26/08/22)
    “Hypermobility and the Alexander Technique”(category_id=7, start_date 23/08/22)
    “Wholeness and Hands On Teaching Skills” (category_id, start_date 23/08/22)

    – seems to be not ordered by anything at all – not by name, but also not by date, not by category, either?
    Here’s a live view of the page:


    Another example, with this shortcode (which should be the exact longform from the documentation) I get “No events found”
    [eme_events category=4,5,6 order='event_start_date ASC, event_start_time ASC, event_name ASC']

    If I change this to [eme_events category=4,5,6 order=ASC]
    all is well, and the events are listed in the default order.

    What am I missing and/or doing wrong? Is there a problem with the quotes?


    First: I corrected the example (it is just “event_start ASC, event_name ASC”, I switched to 1 column for dae/time some releases ago). That covers your second question 🙂
    For your first question: make sure to use correct quotes for the order-option (not slanted), then it should be ok.
    However, I still bundle events by day, and that causes order-issues … I need to figure out a wau around that.


    The dev-version should now work as expected.


    Fantastic! Works!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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