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    Hello again @Franky,

    I tried the shortcode [eme_countdown] and I noticed that around midnight the number of days is not correct, e.g. at the moment:

    Now: November 9th, 10:44 pm (Berlin time zone)
    Next event on November 13th, 2021
    [eme_countdown]: Next event in [3] days

    That should be 4, right?
    Best regards


    eme_countdown shows the difference in days between now and the mentioned event.
    It uses php datetime diffs in the end, and 24 hours are considered a day. So if in your case the event starts on nov 13 but earlier than 10:44 pm, it will be 3 days (and x hours, y minutes etc …)
    For a more correct countdown, you can use placeholders too, see (search for “DATETIMEDIFF”)


    Thanks again for the answer. I used the shortcode on a normal WordPress-page. The placeholders don’t work on these pages.
    Certainly there was a reason why the “php datetime” difference was used for this, but since only whole days are displayed as a result, wouldn’t a correct calculation of the day be better?


    You can use [eme_event] with a template containing those placeholders 🙂
    But I do see your problem … I’ll change it for the next version.
    From the changelog:
    eme_countdown shortcode now shows the difference in days, not taking the hour into account

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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