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    Good day, Franky!

    An idea I had this morning when punting a bunch of ghosts off an event: Email confirmation.

    Potential Workflow:

    User signs up for an event like normal. Upon submission, the system will send him/her an email with a generated link to click to confirm their desire to sign up (and that they can actually, you know, read.)

    If the link isn’t clicked in say, 72h, the RSVP expires and the creator/contact person would never know they attempted to sign up.

    This could also be applied as a group restriction, so that folks who have already registered before and are in a group called say, members, could automatically skip verification as we know they are live people.

    Thanks for your ear.


    You already have that with pending bookings + optional cancel link in the mail + automatic removal of pending bookings after a certain time.


    Yes, but instead of optional cancel link, can we make it an automatic confirmation link? Quite the opposite really. I dont want them to cancel unless they ignore the email. If they click the link, I want the status to go from pending to approved.

    Almost like an event with a checkout, but with no money or appearance of money. I sign up and instead of a payment window, an email comes with a link. user clicks it, it marks as ‘paid’ and approves the RSVP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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