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    I am currently editing one of the mails that the system will sent. Previously I had 4 event categories. The event-registration-mails for category 1,2 and 3 included a sentence that is not included in mails for category 4. My solution for this was:
    [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' lt=4]

    Now I have two additional categories. And I want to have that sentence shown in one of them. How do I need to modify the tag so that the sentence will show in mails for category 1,2,3 and 5? Can I add several values [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' value='1','2','3','5']?

    Any ideas?


    Split your code per category id:

    [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' lt='4']
    [eme_if tag='#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS' value='5']

    You’ll need the same content twice (the “xxx” part), but that’s all ..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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