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    Hi there,

    since phpmail won’t alway work as expected, i’d like to use SMTP.
    However, even with all SMTP settings set up correctly
    – cannot send mails
    – won’t get an errormessage

    SMTP Provider 1: Strato

    Server Server-Adresse Port
    POP3 (Posteingang, SSL/TLS) 995
    IMAP (Posteingang, SSL/TLS) 993
    SMTP (Postausgang, SSL/TLS) 465 / 587
    Benutzername/Konto Ihre vollständige E-Mail Adresse z.B.
    Passwort ….

    EME Settings:

    Mail sending method SMTP
    SMTP host
    Mail sending port 465
    SMTP encryption method: TLS (also tried NONE and SSL)
    Use SMTP authentication? yes
    SMTP Password: is correct, i tried via webmail
    Verify SMTP certificates? no (for testing)
    Debug SMTP? yes (but no usefull message)

    When sending a test message, after 1min. or so i get an error:

    There were some problems while sending mail.

    SMTP connect() failed. 2: SERVER -> CLIENT:
    2: SMTP connect() failed.

    well i know it uses an external library, but is there any chance to get a more intel about this?
    Port problem? protocol Problem? encryption problem? Did it already test username/password?
    I am totally clueless…

    Greetings and thx in advance for your help 🙂


    SMTP connect failed means that your webserver can’t access your configured mailserver in that port (typical a firewall issue). That’s also the reason why the message only arrives after a minute (port connect timeout).


    After moving the WordPress-Installation to the same webhoster (strato) i could reach the SMTP-Server: 465 (ssl)

    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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