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    Hi, Franky! Thanks again for a great plugin. I’ve already donated, and I promise not to be a free-rider. 🙂

    Guests at my venue need to declare a COVID vaccine status. They will select an option from a list of four choices. If they select the “not vaccinated” option, they will receive a dynamic warning message about the venue’s COVID policy. If they select the other options, they will receive a dynamic “thank you” message.

    1) I created a vertical radiobox list with four options–a custom RSVP field named #_FIELD{COVAX Check} with the ID number of 29. There are four field values and four field tags. This custom field displays properly in my booking form. The “not vaccinated” option is the fourth choice and is assigned the value of “unvaxxed” (no quotes).

    2) I created a template called “Vax Status Warning” to be displayed dynamically if someone selects the “not vaccinated” option in #_FIELD{29}.

    3) I added a #_DYNAMICDATA placeholder to my booking form template, just above the #_SUBMIT button.

    4) I set up a condition for dynamic data in the Edit Event settings for that event. The parameters in the Dynamic Data form are: Index=1 Field=#_FIELD{29} Condition=equal to Condition Value=unvaxxed Templates=Vax Status Warning Repeat=No

    I tried various tweaks, including using #_FIELD{COVAX Check} instead of the field ID number, putting quotes around the condition value, making my custom field People instead of RSVP, setting the Condition to “contains” instead of “equal to” etc.

    When I click a radio button, the dynamic data check seems to happen, and a spinner briefly appears. However, my Vax Status Warning template does not appear when I select *any* button. The spinner appears briefly and then vanishes.

    After trying every permutation I could think of and getting the same results, I added a second dynamic data condition that uses the #_SEATS field and displays the Vax Status Warning template when I select a #_SEATS value of 2. This works perfectly.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    Thanks again for your great app and amazing commitment to support!

    John B.


    The way you describe it, it should work. But I found a bug, this should fix it:


    Sir, you are indeed the Keymaster! Thank you so much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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