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    Hi, I’m just getting started with EME so I do apologize if this is a noob question and pretty obviuous – but for the life of me I can’t figure this out. I’m a little confused about the relationship between Contact, Author, EME PErson/People, EME Members, and WP users.

    I’ve been using other event plugins before, and there you can create organizers and assign an event organizer to an event. And then you are able to display their info in event listings.

    From what I gathered, in EME, I am supposed assign an Author and/or a Contact name to achieve this?
    But this only works for existing WP users, which need to be created first and then linked to an EME person, correct?

    And finally, are there placeholders that I can use to show info about this person in the templates for the eme_events shortcode? Say, like an URL to the profile page or a bio blurb etc…?

    I very much would want to make the switch to EME because it’s seems too be so much more versatile and powerful. Could you point me in the right direction and/or online resources – I’ve been thorugh the EME doucmentation several times, but couldn’T find an answer.

    Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and thank you, Franky, for creating this awesome plugin.
    Best, kinghill


    The event author is the WP user who created the event. The event contact person is well … the contact person for the event. Both users have placeholders so you can show their info to people (but mostly the contact person is the one you’ll use).
    Both the contact person and the author have the rights to edit the event.
    EME People are all the persons that signed up for events or memberships, or just other people you want to define in EME (I use EME to have groups of volunteers, a board, … with each custom fields showing when a person is in that group).
    EME members are people that are currently in an EME defined membership.
    Linking an EME person to a WP user is useful if you want to check that a logged in person is in a specific EME group, or membership, …
    See the doc on all placeholders for people etc …


    Hi Franky,

    thank you so much for the prompt response. That really clears up a lot for me.

    So jsut to be sure – you are saying I can use all the people placeholders to show up in the event listings as well? I tried #_LASTNAME or #_ PERSONID,for example, in the “Default event list format” setting but that didn’t work for me?

    <dt class=”now-EventName”>#_LINKEDNAME</dt>
    <div class=”now-presenterColumn”>
    <p class=”now-presenterImage”>#_EVENTIMAGETHUMB</p>
    <p class=”now-presenterName”>#_PERSONID #LASTNAME</p>
    <p class=”now-presenterCountry”>#_COUNTRY</p>
    <div class=”now-eventDescriptionColumn”>
    <p class=”now-Excerpt”>#_EXCERPT</p>
    <div class=”now-eventDataColumn”>
    <p class=”now-EventDate”>#_STARTDATE</p>
    <p class=”now-EvenTime”>#_STARTTIME</p>
    <p class=”now-Location”>#_LOCATIONNAME</p>
    <p class=”now-EventCategories #_EVENTCATEGORIES_CSS”>#_EVENTCATEGORIES</p>
    <p class=”now-EventAvailableSeats”>Available Spots: #_AVAILABLESEATS / #_TOTALSEATS</p>

    Am I still missing something?


    Placeholders for events are described here:

    It doesn’t make sense to just use #_PERSONID and such (which person would it refer to?). See that doc page for #_CONTACTNAME and #_AUTHORNAME and others.


    Sorry, if I’m being daft. I still don’t quite get it.
    Also, it seems, I didn’t make myself clear enough – I just want to display more information about the event contact, like an image, and some custom fields, basically everyhting the people placeholder could potentially do, as described in the documentation.

    The placeholders for events only allow #CONTACTNAME, #_CONTACTEMAIL and #_CONTACTPHONE, right?

    Perhaps it makes it clearer if I mentioned that I’m setting up a website for a conference and I need to list all the presentations plus the info of the respective presenter for each event.

    Thank you again, especially for your patience with me!


    You can use custom fields with purpose “event” for extra event info if you’d like (those will appear in the tab “custom fields” when creating an event). For an image either use the event image setting, anything from the wordpress media gallery or create a custom field with purpose “event” and type “file” (so you can upload an image there) and then use #_FIELD{xxx} to get the url to that uploaded file.


    OK! That could be a solution Thank you!!
    In fact – I had already played around with this before submitting my question.

    But what got me confused in the end was that I thought there was a way to create a link to an exisiting person record, instead of recreating the peroson info in events with custom fields.

    Thanks again, now I can get to work!
    Best wishes, kinghill


    PS: One last thing – could this in principle be achieved? I’m asking since this would make life easier for me, since we expect more than 100 presentation. For quite a few of them we would have the same presenter so it’d be great if I didn’t have to repepat their info on every single event record with custom fields.

    I probably could create a feature request for this?
    On the other hand, we do have a small budget for custom web development so if it could be done at all without unreasonable headaches and efforts on your part, I’d be happy to pay for this, too.
    And if not, it’s not the end of the world, we can live with your suggested solution, too.

    Let me know…
    Thanks again!


    Well, you make a nice donation and I’ll see what I can do on my end 🙂

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