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    I have an issue where the paypal payment doesnt offer South African Rands, so I have to use a usd amount, I need to display the correct pricing in rands on the payment page, ie R300.

    I am trying to use a conditional statement like one of these but it doesnt seem to work
    [eme_if tag='#ESC_MEMBERSHIPPRICE{price}' eq='9'] R300.00 [/eme_if]
    [eme_if tag='#ESC_MEMBERSHIPPRICE{value}' eq='9.00'] R300.00 [/eme_if]
    [eme_if tag='#ESC_DYNAMICPRICE{value}' contains='9'] R300.00 [/eme_if]

    So the form will submit the correct amoutn to paypal, but display a Rand amount…

    Also is there a way to multiply an amount, ie the price X by the excha rate to give a correct amount ?


    Just this should work:
    [eme_if tag='#ESC_MEMBERSHIPPRICE' eq='9'] R300.00 [/eme_if]
    or #_MEMBERPRICE will work too (taking discounts into account etc …)

    Multiplying is currently not possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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