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    Feeling really dumb. I’ve been away dealing with cancer and don’t know if I can’t remember or if something has changed. I tried several searches, I’m probably missing a really obvious search term . . . I have an unpaid RSVP I’d like to cancel. I thought there was a way to see the bookings and then click on a booking and cancel it. What am I missing? On the Pending Bookings none of my events are showing, “No data available!” On the Edit Booking I can’t change it to zero.


    In the list of bookings, select the booking you want to cancel and in the “bulk actions” then select “Deny booking (and move to trash)”.
    Then the booking is in “trash”, meaning you can still recover it or really delete it there (again bulk actions to choose from. To go to the trash, click on the link “Show trash content” in the bookings overview.


    Sorry, feeling dumb. Got it, thanks for your trouble. Is there documentation for more general how to than the documentation that appears to be centered on “#” items?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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