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    First, a testament to this plugin. I last looked at this pre-Covid, so just more than a year ago. We run a number of courses in a number of categories. One person handles each category. They were able to handle all the rescheduling/rebooking/cancellations through Covid without any help.

    Now, looking to the new season, there are a couple of new features I’m asked to provide. We want to be able to offer a bundle/package/subscription that books a group of courses spanning the categories. I searched on bundle, package and subscription and only found information about the actual innards of EME.

    Just looking for a point in the right direction, possibly even just the term I should search on.




    I’m not really sure that I understand your question here … EME has the [eme_add_multibooking_form] to combine multiple events in one form (but they’ll need to pay for each separately).
    No other methods exist currently.


    Thanks for the very quick response.

    I’ll look into the multibooking form, but your comment about paying separately, I think, answers my question.

    We basically have a three part course where each part can stand on it’s own, or someone might want to take all three for a discounted price.

    Thanks again,



    EME can handle discounts too, so that can be handled. My comment about paying separately was wrong (the payment is done in one go, the booking mails are just sent out per booking).
    So using that, you can create discounts (in your case a multibooking discount where you check via own coding if certain criteria is met). The discounts are in fact applied per event/booking, but in own coding you can check the POST from the complete form, check whatever you want and then apply e.g. a discount of 20% to all the bookings done.
    See and

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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