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    in this time of online events it would help me much if there was an option to allow RSVP (and RSVP cancel) for past events. I would like to sell recordings (of livestreams and live events) this way. A simple switch (allow RSVP after event ended) or something similar will be great.

    For now I am using a dirty workaround (I edited eme_rsvp.php, added if clauses in the functions to skip date check if RSVP start date is set to “-99”) It works, but it obviously breaks each time I update the plugin.



    I think the reason is that I use minusdays etc … and that causes some issues since it doesn’t correctly adjust for negative numbers.
    Try this patch (it is a patch to ExpressiveDate.php, you can just download+replace your version with the new one):


    Hi, it looks like your fix works like intended.

    However if the event was more than 99 days ago, I still cannot allow RSVP for recordings because the form accepts only three characters (-99). For spring pandemic wave it is already over. Can you please make it work somehow? A checkbox “Allow RSVP indefinitely” or any magic word in the input will do.


    I wont allow indefinite rsvp days, that is pointless. I increased the form to allow one extra character, meaning you can go up to -999 days, which is a little bit less than 3 years:


    Thank you, it works fine. The probability that somebody will try to buy a three-year old recording is not very high in my case. However, I should make a note somewhere to have a look at those recordings in three years time.


    Hi, I am sorry, but now I found out it actually doesn’t work at all. It was only working because of my edits in eme_rsvp.php. I have found out after change of -99 to -999 that it stopped from working. Please, have a look at it one more time.

    With your edits to eme_events.php and ExpressiveDate.php negative numbers are still not working when setting RSVP and RSVP cancel date.


    This extra change is needed to allow a negative number for rsvp end on all setups:


    I have updated to 2.1.95 and it’s still not working. I have set the time to -999 days and -99 hours. The form doesn’t show with the exclamation that RSVP has ended. Same of RSVP cancel.


    Have you configured the “allow rsvp until” correctly?
    This is a demo on the site where it works (the event ended yesterday):


    Hi, this is how it looks in my setup. Is it correct?

    RSVP until setup


    Ok, now I have found the mistake. The -999 value was in the wrong line.



    In your screenshot the begins/ends (your text in red) is reversed.

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