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    After skipping the last few updates, I updated straight to 1.25 and one of my templates is now broken.

    The template looks like this; it’s used as part of the list of attendees.

    <li class=’eme_bookings_list_li’>#_RESPNAME (
    [events_if tag="#_SPACES{1}" notvalue="0"]Table 1[events_if2 tag="#_SPACES{1}" notvalue="1"] -<b> #_SPACES{1} seats</b>[/events_if2][/events_if]
    [events_if tag="#_SPACES{2}" notvalue="0"]Overflow[events_if2 tag="#_SPACES{2}" notvalue="1"] -<b> #_SPACES{2} seats</b>[/events_if2][/events_if]
    [events_if tag="#_FIELD{2}" notvalue=""] — #_FIELD{2}[/events_if]

    It seems not to be recognizing that #_SPACES{1} is a tag. Has this tag been adjusted? I’ve tried switching it to #_USER_RESERVEDSPACES which is the only tag I can find in the documentation that seems to do the same thing, but no luck.

    Any ideas?


    See the placeholder doc about bookings: #_RESPSPACES{xx} is what you need (is mentioned in the changelog too)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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