Returns a form where people can signup for event tasks. Accepts the following arguments:

  • event_id: the ID of the event you want to show the bookings for. If not present, all future events with tasks activated will be chosen. The events matching this shortcode also get influenced by the [eme_filterform] shortcode. If your event is hidden, you need to specify the event_id argument, otherwise its tasks won’t be shown.
  • template_id, template_id_header, template_id_footer (all optional). These options define – per event – the header (“template_id_header” option, shown above the tasks for that event, the entry (“template_id” option, repeated for each task for that event) and the footer (“template_id_footer” option, shown below the tasks for that event). Since this shortcode can contain tasks for multiple events, these options are used to define the layout of the tasks per event and get repeated for each event.
    If template_id is not provided, the default setting will be used (from the EME generic settings for tasks). An example (the default) for the template content used for template_id is #_TASKSIGNUPCHECKBOX #_TASKNAME (#_TASKBEGIN - #_TASKEND) (#_FREETASKSPACES/#_TASKSPACES) <br> , which shows the task checkbox, the name, task begin/end datetime, free and total spaces for that task.
  • signupform_template_id (optional): below all tasks, the signup form is shown. The default is <table class='eme-rsvp-form'>
    <tr><th scope='row'>Last name*:</th><td>#_LASTNAME</td></tr>
    <tr><th scope='row'>First name*:</th><td>#REQ_FIRSTNAME</td></tr>
    <tr><th scope='row'>Email*:</th><td>#_EMAIL</td></tr>

Next to these, also the following arguments can be used, just like for events (see the eme_events shortcode doc for the info on these):
scope , order , category , showperiod , author , contact_person , location_id , show_ongoing , notcategory , show_recurrent_events_once , ignore_filter

See the doc concerning task signup form placeholders for the placeholders you can use in the templates for this shortcode.

While the above info generates the form to choose which tasks someone wants to signup for, the part of the form where the person enters his name/email (and the submit button) is a generic option in the EME settings.

Example (shows the task form where people can select tasks for all future events):
Or, when using it inside a single event format and a custom template:
[eme_tasks_signupform event_id=#_EVENTID template_id=3]
Or, when showing it for event with ID 12 and all custom templates:
[eme_tasks_signupform event_id=12 template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9]

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