Cancel one payment form

Next to the form to cancel all bookings for a person for one event, you can also cancel one payment. This is done by using e.g. #_CANCEL_URL in e.g. the RSVP mail when a booking is made. When a user clicks on the resulting link, he/she is sent towards a “cancel one payment” form.

This form can be configured in the EME Settings page, tab ‘RSVP’ (‘Cancel one payment form format’)
This form needs at least 2 placeholders:

  • #_SUBMIT : generates the submit button
  • #_CANCEL_PAYMENT_LINE : since one payment can consist of multiple bookings, we use an approach where this line is repeated for each booking. This placeholder generates a line per booking, defined in the option called “Cancel one payment booking line format”

Optionally you’ll need to use #_CAPTCHA too, if you have configured EME to require a captcha on all forms by default. Or #_RECAPTCHA if Google reCAPTCHA is configured to be used.

The format “Cancel one payment booking line format” (generated by #_CANCEL_PAYMENT_LINE) can contain all regular RSVP placeholders for a booking.

When the payment has been cancelled, the user is redirected to a “Payment cancelled” page, where again all text and people placeholders can be used and the same #_CANCEL_PAYMENT_LINE mentioned above.