CSV import members

Go in the EME member section and open up the import section there.

Import members
Importing members into EME is done by using a CSV file (csv delimiter and encloser can be specified during import).
The first line should indicate the names of the columns being imported. Currently these names are recognized (unknown columns will be ignored):

There are 5 columns required: “lastname”,”firstname”,”email”,”membership” and “start_date”. A corresponding person (based on lastname, firstname and email) will either be created or updated upon import.
The column “massmail” should be “0” or “1” (indicating whether or not that person wants newsletter and generic mails).
The columns “start_date”, “end_date” and “creation_date” should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD
The column “paid” should be “0” or “1” (“1” meaning “paid”).
The column “status” should be “pending”, “active” or “expired”.
The column “status_automatic” should be “0” or “1” (‘1’ indicating that the status should be recalculated on a daily basis).

If you used custom fields in your membership form, you can also import answers for those by adding columns named “answer_XX” with “XX” being either the id or the name of the corresponding custom field you want to import answers for.

A simple example of a CSV file:

"Franky","Van Liedekerke","My membership name"

A more complete example (with an unused column, custom field and start_date)

"Firstname","Lastname","Membership","start_date","answer_instructionlevel","other columnname"
"Franky","Van Liedekerke","My membership name","2010-12-16","answer_instructionlevel","other unused info"

Importing values for multiselect fields is as simple as concatenating the answers with “||”:

"Firstname","Lastname","Membership","start_date","answer_instructionlevel","other columnname","answer_classes"
"Franky","Van Liedekerke","My membership name","2010-12-16","answer_instructionlevel","other unused info","class A||class B"

(make sure your multiselect answers correspond with the definition given in the custom field of course).

Import dynamic field answers

Of course, for memberships, there’s also the possibility to use dynamic fields. Importing these is also possible, albeit a bit more complex.
First: import your members as indicated above. Then use the second import (with the button labelled ‘Import dynamic field answers’) to import dynamic field answers.
The reason this is a second import option is because is: you need to take the ‘grouping’ index into account if you use multiple field conditions (you just need to check the grouping index in the membership definition for your dynamic fields). If you only have 1 condition, then the grouping index is always ‘1’ (or should be) and doesn’t need to be specified.
The next example is based on a membership called “Familie lidmaatschap” and has 2 conditions defined in the membership:
– the columns “answer_DogRace”,”answer_Name dog”,”answer_Birthday dog”,”answer_Class” (in grouping “2”)
– the columns “answer_Name family member”,”answer_Firstname familymember” (in grouping “1”)
When importing, we can import multiple answers (if the condition is set to ‘repeat’) and we just indicate the grouping index when importing:

"Firstname","Lastname","email","Membership","answer_DogRace","answer_Name dog","answer_Birthday dog","answer_Class","answer_Name family member","answer_Firstname familymember","grouping"
"Eddy","Dummy","xxx@gmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","Leonberger","Dogname1","2016-08-21","Basis-klas","","","2"
"Eddy","Dummy","xxx@gmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","Leonberger","Dogname2","2017-02-11","Junior klas","","","2"
"John","Smith","yyy@telenet.be","Familie lidmaatschap","Labrador zwart","Dogname3","2016-10-01","A-klas","","","2"
"Jane","Doe","zzz@hotmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","Mechelse herder","Dogname5","2016-08-10","A-klas","","","2"
"Jane","Doe","zzz@hotmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameA","1"
"Jane","Doe","zzz@hotmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameB","1"
"Jane","Doe","zzz@hotmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameC","1"
"Jane","Doe","zzz@hotmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameD","1"
"Eddy","Dummy","xxx@gmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameE","1"
"Eddy","Dummy","xxx@gmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameF","1"
"Eddy","Dummy","xxx@gmail.com","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameG","1"
"John","Smith","yyy@telenet.be","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameH","1"
"John","Smith","yyy@telenet.be","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameI","1"
"John","Smith","yyy@telenet.be","Familie lidmaatschap","","","","","Lastname member1","FirstnameJ","1"