Waiting list

Sometimes you want to have a waiting list for your event. In EME this is implemented in a reasonable straightforward fashion: when creating an event and entering the RSVP parameters, you can enter a number of seats for a waiting list.
This is only possible for simple events (no multiseats or multiprice events), otherwise it would be impossible to decide whether a registration would be on the waiting list or not.

When entering the number of seats possible for the waiting list, this amount is taken from the “total” number of seats entered.
So when entering an event that in reality has 50 seats and you want a max of 10 seats on a waiting list, enter 60 as total number of seats.
When the registration form shows, first only the seats not on the waiting list are possible to be selected. Once those are all taken, the form will show you the waiting list seats and alert you of the fact that the reservation will be on the waiting list.
A reservation on a waiting list is always pending, and it can’t be approved without first moving it off the waiting list. In the admin section for pending reservations, a new bulk action is made available to do just that.

For events, in order to indicate that all regular seats are taken, you can use the conditional placeholder #_WAITING_LIST_ACTIVATED (to be used with the shortcode [ eme_if]) if you want to alert people of the fact that newer reservations will be on the waiting list (not needed for the registration form, that will alert you of that fact anyway). You can also use #_WAITING_LIST_CLOSED to show a message if all places on the waiting list are taken.
The placeholder #_WAITINGLISTSEATS indicates the max number of seats that can be on the waiting list. The placeholder #_AVAILABLEWAITINGLISTSEATS indicates the number of seats still free on the waiting list.
The placeholders #_AVAILABLESEATS and #_TOTALSEATS also take the number of seats on the waiting list into account (so in our example above, #_TOTALSEATS will show 50).

For RSVP mails, booking thank you message, … you can use #_ON_WAITINGLIST as a conditional placeholder (to be used with the shortcode [ eme_if]), so you can send people a mail and indicate in that mail that the reservation is on the waiting list.