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People placeholders

People placeholders are placeholders you can use in emails to all EME people, rsvp info, attendee info etc (all things related to people). Below are all the possible placeholders, but to avoid clashing with placeholders from events, bookings, … you can (should) use “#_PERSON” in front of all related placeholders (so #_EMAIL can be #_PERSONEMAIL […]

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CSV Import people

Importing people into EME is done by using a CSV file. The csv delimiter and enclosure can be specified during import. If the delimeter value is empty, then “,” (comma) is taken as value. If the enclosure value is empty, then ‘”‘ (double quotes) is taken as value. The first line should indicate the names

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Waiting list

Sometimes you want to have a waiting list for your event. In EME this is implemented in a reasonable straightforward fashion: when creating an event and entering the RSVP parameters, you can enter a number of seats for a waiting list. This is only possible for simple events (no multiseats or multiprice events), otherwise it

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Discounts need some special care: you need to define one or more discount fields in the RSVP form, upload discount and discountgroup CSV-files (if you want to mass-import discount definitions) and indicate which discount or discountgroup you want to use for your event. First, let’s start how to define discounts or discountgroups. Then (at the

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Categories list

This defines the layout of the list of categories shown when defining templates for use in the shortcode [eme_categories]. The placeholders mentioned below can be used: #_CATEGORYFIELD{xx} (with ‘xx’ being one of ‘category_id’, ‘category_name’, ‘description’ or ‘slug’) displays respectively the id, name, description or slug of the category. #_CATEGORYURLa link to the category, which will

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[eme_categories] Will show a list of all categories. Accepts the following arguments: eventful: if set to true, only locations with events planned will be shown. Default: false. scope: see the explanation for [eme_events]. You need to set eventful to true for this to have any effect. event_id: only show categories for a specific event id.

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Holiday lists can be used in recurrent events and the shortcode [eme_calendar]. A list of holidays is a list of dates or range of dates (one per line) in one of the following formats: YYYY-MM-DD YYYY-MM-DD–YYYY-MM-DD (this indicates a range of days) Next to that, you can specify the holiday name, extra calendar CSS class

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