Features, features and more features

  • Simple and recurrent events: Events Made Easy lets you insert simple events, or even events taking place on a regular basis
  • Public, private, draft events: private events are only visible for logged in users, draft events are not visible from the front end.
  • Access right management: you can set the desired capability a user must have in order to do things. Use a plugin like “User Role Editor” to add/edit capabilities and roles.
  • Locations management: events can be held at a certain location; you can add a description for each location (with images and all) and if Google Maps integration is active, you can add a picture for the map location balloon as well.
  • RSVP with e-mail notifications: you can specify a number of spaces for each given event, limit the min and max places a user can book in one go, specify a closing day for the RSVP, demand that you need to be a wordpress member in order to be able to make a booking, demand approval for bookings, etc …
  • Customizable RSVP form
  • Seat and/or price categories per event
  • Multiple bookings in one go if wanted
  • Google Maps integration: locations are shown on a map; there’s also a global map, showing all locations (with lots of options).
  • Simple and fully customizable: you can simply install the plugin, activate it and add a widget to your sidebar. but if you’re into theme making , you can customize every single piece of output
  • Events RSS and ICAL feed: an RSS and ICAL feed is provided
  • Conditional tags to maximize the customization of the formatting of each individual event, location or mail.
  • Filter form, so people can filter for themselves in the list of events
  • Localised and localisable: the plugin is localised in Italian, German, Spanish and Swedish. If you’re a translator, you’re welcome to add your own language localisation.
  • SEO compatible links: when you activate pretty permalinks, EME will generate pretty links as well:
    /events/[ID]/[event-name]/ for events (whereby the first word “events” can be changed in the settings, the postfix part can be configured)
    /locations/[ID]/[location-name]/ for locations (whereby the first word “locations” can be changed in the settings, the postfix part can be configured)
    /events/YYYY-MM-DD/ for calendar days
    /cat/[category name]
  • Cleanup: the possibility to clean up old events
  • Payment gateways: basic integration and payment management with Paypal, 2Checkout, WebMoney, Google Checkut and First Data. Other gateways can be added upon request and if their API license is open enough.
  • Multi-language: complete integration with qtranslate or mqtranslate
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