Returns info of a person (or the person linked to the current logged in user if person_id is not provided). Accepts the following arguments:

  • person_id: the ID of the EME person you want to show the info of. If not provided, the person linked to the current logged in user is used (if existing)
  • template_id (required): The template used to show the info on this person. See https://www.e-dynamics.be/wordpress/category/documentation/7-placeholders/7-12-people/ for the placeholders that can be used here.

The parameter person_id can be overriden via a url param (using the person’s random id). This allows to create 1 page where you can show other people’s info based on their random id (so not easy to guess) from e.g. within an event. The url parameter name is “prid”. The placeholder to get the random id for a person (contact or author) for an event is documented in the event/people placeholders. Example: this_page/?prid=#_CONTACTRANDOMID.

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