Returns a list of members, optionally limited to specific EME groups. Accepts the following arguments:

  • group_id: the ID of the EME group you want to show the members of. Multiple ids can be provided, comma-separated. Either this or the membership_id option is required.
  • membership_id: the ID of the EME membership you want to show the members of. Either this or the group_id option is required
  • template_id: use a predefined format template for each of the members matching the group (or all). See https://www.e-dynamics.be/wordpress/category/documentation/7-placeholders/7-14-members/ for the placeholders that can be used here. This is also required.
  • template_id_header and template_id_footer: a template for the header or footer of the list, no placeholders can be used here.

[eme_memberss membership_id=5 template_id=3]

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