CSV import payments

Importing payments into EME is done by using a CSV file. The csv delimiter and enclosure can be specified during import. If the delimiter value is empty, then “,” (comma) is taken as value. If the enclosure value is empty, then ‘”‘ (double quotes) is taken as value.
The first line should indicate the names of the columns being imported. Currently these names are recognized (unknown columns will be ignored):

There are 3 columns required: “payment_date”,”amount” and one of the following 3: “unique_nbr”,”payment_id” or “payment_randomid”.
“payment_date” should be in a format that can be parsed using the PHP function date_parse (to be sure: use YYYYMMDD format). The amount should use the dot (“.”) as decimal separator. For the “unique_nbr” only the numbers will be taken into account. An example:


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