Returns the page describing the bookings for a single event. Accepts the following arguments:

  • id: the ID of the event you want to show the bookings for. See also the examples below. Either this option or the scope option is required to be present (see below). When using ths shortcode inside a single event format, the id is in fact optional (the id of the event being shown is taken).
  • template_id, template_id_header, template_id_footer (optional): use a predefined format template for the booking list header, footer or list entry, instead of the default settings configured. See http://www.e-dynamics.be/wordpress/?cat=51. Because the bookings returned are a list, you can define specific templates for the header, footer and an entry in that list.
  • rsvp_status can be used to show only bookings with a certain approval status (approved, pending, all). Values: 0=all, 1=approved, 2=pending 3=awaiting user confirmation. Default: 0
  • paid_status: only show bookings with a specific payment status (paid, unpaid, all). Values: 0=all, 1=unpaid, 2=paid. Default: 0
  • order: defines the order in which attendees are shown. The default order corresponds to “people.lastname ASC, people.firstname ASC, bookings.booking_id ASC”.
  • scope: see the explanation for [eme_events]. Either this option or the id-option is required to be present. If id and scope or not present, “future” is taken.
  • always_header_footer: always show the header/footer templates, even if no bookings are made yet. By default just the message that no bookings are made is shown (without header/footer template content).

See the doc concerning RSVP mails for the placeholders you can use in the templates for this shortcode.

[eme_bookings id=1 template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9]
[eme_bookings scope=+3d template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9]
Or, when using it inside a single event format:
[eme_bookings id=#_EVENTID template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9]
In the case of using it inside a single event format, the id is in fact optional, so this is also valid:
[eme_bookings template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9]

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