Creates a form with drop-downs for categories, locations, cities, countries, weeks, months (configurable in the settings). This shortcode is only usefull if used on the same page as the shortcodes [eme_events], [eme_locations] or [eme_calendar] (because it is in fact these shortcodes that interpret the filter submit).

Accepts the following parameters:

  • multiple: 0 or 1. If 1, you can select multiple categories, locations or towns (not weeks, years). Default: 0.
  • multisize: the size of the drop-down window if multiple. Default: 5.
  • scope_count: the number of future weeks/months to be shown. Default: 12.
  • submit: the text on the submit button. Default: Submit.
  • category: can contain a comma separated list of categories you want the category selection to be limited to
  • notcategory: can contain a comma separated list of categories you want excluded from the category selection box
  • template_id (optional): use a predefined format template for the filter form, instead of the default settings configured. See the doc concerning placeholders for the filter form for the placeholders you can use. If you leave this empty, the default setting defined in the EME setting called ‘Default event list filtering format’ will be used.

Deprecated option:

  • fields: can contain a comma separated list of fields that should be shown (the filter format is general, and using this, you can hide certain fields in certain forms). For a calendar, you may want to block showing weeks, so you can use eg: [events_filter fields=categories,months] (and make sure the “filter form format” contains at least the filters for month and cats). Please use template_id instead, this option is deprecated.

[eme_filterform scope_count=5]