Events Manager Extended (EME) is a fork (NOT an extension) of the older Events Manager (EM) version 2.2.2 (April 2010). I started this fork because I was contributing many bugfixes to the EM forum but got no replies from the authors at all. Since then, Events Manager came back to life after months of silence. Since the 2 codebases now differ too much, it’s very hard to go back to being one plugin.

Warning: the new version of the original EM is no longer backwards compatible, so please don’t install both plugins at the same time. I’ll change the names of the DB tables in a future release to get rid of this problem (I already renamed all function calls for this as well).

I’ll try to explain the things I’ve done since I forked from EM:

  • Major cleanup of code. It’s not OO, but much cleaner than before
  • Major bugfixes done (many of those I contributed back to the original plugin as well)
  • Many new features added:
    • Google API v3 (but the new EM has this now as well)
    • Multiple widgets possible
    • Multiple event location maps on one page possible without problems
    • Optional captcha added for booking form + honeypot field to thwart spammers
    • Able to use normal placeholders in custom attribute values. Eg, in a template, you just add #_{MYOWNDATE} to the template. And then in the event, you can define this attribute with the value “#l #F #j, #Y” or with a complete string to your liking.
    • Able to use custom attributes in email templates (eg. for different payment options per event).
    • Custom email settings and custom page formats per event, very convenient if the default is not ok for a special event.
    • Recursion more complete: can be based on the current day of the week/month. This makes it now possible to have eg. yearly recursion for a birthday or so (just start on the correct day and choose 12 months for recursion).
    • Category selection in the events list widget + calendar widget, so only events of that category are shown. Also possible in the shortcodes (there you can even have AND and OR categories)
    • #_LOCATION now also possible in the calendar title formatting
    • Choose whether or not registrations need approvements, and manage pending registrations
    • Change the number of seats somebody registered for
    • #_CATEGORIES shortcode available, will return a comma-seperated list of categories an event is in
    • #_DIRECTIONS shortcode available, so you can ask for driving directions to an event/location
    • new shortcode available: [display_single_event], eg: [display_single_event id=23]
    • show month or day in events_list if wanted (new parameter for shortcode [events_list]: showperiod=daily|monthly)
    • the attribute ‘scope’ for the shortcode [events_list] can now contain a date range, eg. [events_list scope=2010-00-00–2010-12-31 limit=200]
    • “limit=0” now shows all events (pending other restrictions) for the shortcode [events_list]
    • #_ATTENDEES shortcode available, will return a html-list of names attending the event
    • When editing an event, you can now make it recurrent
    • People can be required to be registered to wordpress in order to make a booking
    • Status field for events: Public, Private, Draft. Private events are only visible for logged in users, draft events are not visible from the front end.
    • Permissions (user roles) now being checked for creation/editing of events:
      – a user with role “Editor” can do anything
      – with role “Author” you can only add events or edit existing events for which you are the creator or the contact person
      – with role “Contributor” you can only add events *in draft* or edit existing events for which you are the creator or the contact person
    • new parameter for shortcode [events_list]: author, so you can show only events created by a specific person. Eg: [events_list author=admin] to show events from author with loginname “admin”, [events_list author=admin,admin2] for authors admin OR admin2. The calendar and event list widgets also support filtering on author.
    • ical subscription is now possible for public events. Just use “?eme_ical=public” after your WP url, and you’ll get the ical feed. Eg.: . This link can be autogenerated by using the shortcode [events_ical_link]. The shortcode #_ICALLINK will create an ical link for one event.
    • specifying a closing day for RSVP is possible
    • you can change the text on the submit buttons for RSVP forms
    • more to come …

So as you can see, reintegrating these back in the original plugin would require way too much work for me.